Sunday reads on Monday

Ooh, I'm a little bit too late for this one! But you know, things happen. They really do! New week, new opportunities, fresh mind!
Once again, my favourite - POP magazine. With the beautiful Gemma Ward on the front cover. I cannot even say everything about this magazine. You just have to actually read it. All of the imagery is so inspiring!  And it is a decent price for such a valuable content!
What's your favourite magazine?


Hello beauties, how did your week go? I had a small getaway this week hence the lack of posts. But I filmed some videos! We went to St. Albans for a couple of days, with my dearest friend Ruta. Nothing to fancy, just some nice walks in the springy weather, too much laugh, way too much coffee, a little bit of shopping and totally enormous amounts of good food. It was so nice to go to this lovely place, walk around the beautiful park and town and just recharge for new adventures. Definitely a recommendation!
Where do you like to get away?

Good vibes

Hey birds, how are you? I am currently having a small holiday, just for a couple of days, to enjoy myself, chill out and recharge for the next week. It was such a lovely day today - sunny, and you could totally feel the spring in the air. Splurged on a couple of new things, so stick with me, for that. Hope you have a nice week!

New in skincare

Hello beautiful human beings, these are the few new additions to my daily skincare, that I bought recently.
Super facialist by Una Brennan Moisture Mask
This was such a hyped product in the youtube community. Want my honest opinion? I haven't tried it out, by leaving it overnight. I've used it a couple of times, by leaving it for 15 minutes and I think it is not working at all. I have extremely dehydrated skin and it did not help even a little bit.

Facial Konjac Sponge
This one is very interesting. You rinse the sponge under the hot water and gently exfoliate your face, avoiding eye area. It is not a groundbreaking product, but I like to use it in the morning for a better blood circulation.

Superdrug brightening hot cloth cleanser
Such a disappointment! First of all, I don't like the way it smells, it feels weird on my skin, it kinda makes it sting a little bit. It is not very good at removing make up either. I prefer the NSpa hot cloth cleanser, since it is in the same price range.

Do you have any new additions? Please recommend something to me!