How to get that perfect flutter

Hello gorgeous people! Have you ever wondered how to create that clump free lash? I'm here to help you! Here's a quick rundown of my favourite mascaras!

Covergirl flamed out  - this mascara has that thick, rich, clumpier formula, which I really like for building up the volume. Yes, I know it can be a little bit clumpy, but if I have any problems with that, I just brush the lashes with a clean mascara/brow brush and it looks perfect! I love to use it altogether with a lengthening mascara.

Lights, camera, LASHES! by Tarte - I completely understand the hype for this one. It gives that beautiful, lengthened eyelash look and you can always build it up. I love it for everyday wear. I only have the tester size, but I cannot wait to get the full size, because I feel like it's going to be even better. I just prefer longer wands.

Which mascara is your favourite?
Have a nice weekend!

Why wearing/not wearing makeup is completely fine

... and why people should stop hating on beauty bloggers.
Today I had a lecture at university, which was great, as always. I cannot tell you how much I adore my lecturer for the questions she raises. And how much I enjoy all the little discussions filled with beautiful feministic tendencies and overal girl power. Obviously it is completely fine to have our own opinions. But one of the mentioned things was beauty bloggers. And I kind of felt sad and hurt at the same time, being kind of a part of this community. Why did I not argue the problem raised? I just felt like it would have ended in massive brag and long discussion, and everyone already wanted to leave the class. So I held myself and thought that I could be a good topic for my blog.
Basically, what we were talking about was interpretation of images of femininity. That we adopt different types of femininity for different activities. And there it was, beauty gurus mentioned as an example of people showing what we need to do in order to "fit in" or "be feminine".
And the first thought that came in to my mind was: is make up really an act of femininity? Is it a representation of beauty and femininity anymore? There are so many male beauty gurus both on youtube and blogging world that it is hard to believe that it is a "girl thing" anymore. And honestly, it is an awesome thing. I am pretty happy that wearing foundation was acceptable for me as a female, since I had such a shitty skin, when I was younger. And thank god I could cover those blemishes. It was my decision. I am so glad, that it is acceptable for men to wear more makeup these days. Little concealer never killed nobody and if anything, it will just make you feel and look more awake. 
Since my teen years, to my twenties, I was always considered as a "tomboy", "boyish". To be honest, it is such a piece of shit and people should not be labeled. What is this labelling thing anyways? It's 2015. Moving on, I never enjoyed wearing body-fitting clothing (if that's your thang, do it girl), wearing skirts or acting elegant or graceful. It's just about now, that I started wearing heeled booties, just because I like how they look and they are pretty comfy too. And you know what? I started wearing red lipstick since the age of 17 and it had nothing to do, with feminine appearance. Why? I just loved how it looked, I found the fact that this small thing changes your appearance so much, completely fascinating. It just looked so damn cool and different. Red colour just screamed how independent and powerful I feel.
At the same age I found Michele Phan. Does she even need an introduction? I watched her videos, not because I wanted to "transform myself", "look better", "appeal to certain audience". I started watching them from the pure enjoyment, how many amazing things you can do with your face and all the different looks you can do, transform yourself into a different character. That is when I started to do makeup for photoshoots and my friends. I wanted to create these looks and I considered it as a form of art.
But hey, there is nothing wrong about wearing makeup, just because you want that extra cheekbone, cover up that massive pimple on your nose or longer lashes. It is totally our decision to do that. And it is totally our right to do it for our own reasons.
The last topic I wanted to mention is beauty blogging. In the lecture it was mentioned that beauty bloggers are just teaching us, that we need to do this and buy this and act like that. It is totally your problem if you think, that is how it works. These girls are sharing their passion.
YES, makeup is passion, just like many others. There's nothing wrong of collecting and trying out different products and talking about them. I think it is beautiful how so many of these girls feel so happy talking about their first "ruby woo" or the trendiest "nars sheer glow" or even how many millions of lipsticks they have! It is a passion, just like many others. And if you think that they know nothing, think about that again. Just look at their knowledge on different formulas, ingredients, skin type or which colour works the best. Not everyone can talk about that. It is not as easy as it looks.
Oh, and about not wearing makeup. It's completely cool. As I mentioned before, do your thing. Embrace it. I have no problem going outside bare faced. And try to say something about how I look different, you'll receive a big discussion with me. If that's how you feel your best than just do it! We are all beautiful in our own ways! ... and techniques
What are your thought on this topic? Let me know!

Everyday makeup

Heya, that's what I've been wearing on my face recently! It is very quick makeup look - dewy skin, little bit of mascara, strong brow and matte/nude lips.
Daily essentials:
Face: Iwostin Sensitia Rich Cream / Bourjois healthy mix foundation;
Contouring: Luxe bronzing powder / Tarte blush in magic;
Brows: Maybelline brow drama / Inlgot brown eyeshadow;
Mascara: Covergirl lash blast / Tarte's light, camera, lashes;
Lips: Carmex lipbalm / Maybelline lipliner in nutmeg / Mac's lipstick in Please me.

What are your daily makeup essentials?
P.s. I'm going to make a video tutorial for this look, so stick with me!


Hello beautiful people!
Today I went to central London, which is the most exhausting thing everrr! Went to Barbican, walked around it, thoroughly. We were informed, that the flats that you rent in Barbican have to be kept at the exact state as they were when they were built. Which, was in the 50s, so all of the flats are the style of that time. How amazing is that! Even if the light bulb would go off, you have to replace it with the one from that time. I don't know if these are made up stories, or truth, but if it is, damn, I would love to live in Barbican! I want to explore this place further and take my film camera with me.
We went to ShowStudio. It is my dream to do a work placement in there. This visit just proved to me, once again, that it is a big dream of mine, to work in this place. I absolutely loved the exhibition, definitively worth seeing. It was kind of like a live moodboard. I got the list of the books, which I'm really excited to read.
And here's my outfit. I always go for a backpack in London, because it's easier. And I enjoy comfy outfits, generally, just because you're always in rush, when you're here. So I'm wearing my fav jacket, skinny jeans (obviously) and my trusted nikies.
Images by:
Outfit details:
Shoes: Nike;
Jeans: H&M;
Backpack: Dickies;
Button up: Vintage;
Jacket: Charity Shop.
How was your day?