Homeware #001

Jacquard-weave Rug - for that Scandi - minimal cosiness;
Bryant Mobile Kitchen Cart - has that awesome vintage factory vibe, that will give your kitchen that industrial style;
Amber Jar Soy Candle - another vintage looking vibe, what can smell better that fig & sandalwood though?
Vinyl Record Player - I've been wanting this one for ages! It's so convenient, because you don't need vinyls, you can also use usb! Absolutely love the colour scheme for this one!
Storage basket - this ones are so great, if you are obsessed with organising things, you can just pop everything in here. And it looks really cool and will give your house that rustic look!
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My skin saviours

Hello, you know, when your skin is just not being good at all? It is just dry and looks dull, and to be honest, it kind of makes me feel upset. These are two face creams that are the best ones in my opinion, when your skin needs some extra something.

Bioderma Hydrabio Riche face cream
This one is perfect for all of the dehydrated skin gals up here. My skin felt really dry and blotchy and it needed more hydration. This is the cream that I've gotten in one of the pharmacies in Covent Garden. It is brilliant, my skin looks fresh and glowy and it is not oily at all!

Avene eye contour cream
You are probably thinking - I don't need an eye cream. I'm only twenty. But I have really really dry under eye area so I just use this one. It is not a cream for mature skin, so it should be alright. My eyes instantly look lighter and more open.

What do you use when yours skin feels dull?

Sunday reads / Lush

Hey birds! Lush is my obsession now. I'm so late for this bandwagon but oh, every single time I walk past that store in Waterloo, I just can't help myself not going in there. Since I bought my second bath bomb when I was on my short holidays, I grabbed their newspaper / magazine type of thingie. I really like it, it has a few articles about their company, product details and etc. such an easy and relaxing read, oh and I love the imagery, layout and obviously - matt paper.
What are you reading this Sunday?


I'm wearing:
Sweater / Lindex;
Pants / H&M;
Shoes / Adidas Stan Smith's;
Bag / H&M.
Holla! There is something about the comfort of sweater, that I cannot stop wearing them! I freaked out, because the weather is getting warmer and as much as it is extremely exciting, at the same time I will have to say bye to my dearest friends - sweaters. Thank you for keeping me warm and comforted.
I'm starting my internship tomorrow. I'll keep you updated on that!
Do you hate to say goodbye to sweater weather?