Best red lipsticks

Me and red lipstick. We've always been in a great relationship. I remember, back in the days, 17 year old Vilte discovered the power of makeup. My biggest inspiration has always been and probably will always be different movies and tv shows. From Mia Wallace to my biggest university year rediscovery - Audrey Horne, I was already rocking the red lip. And I still am! I can happily say, that I have a little collection of my favourite red lipsticks and I am willing to share them with you!
Lord & Berry 'China Red' - beautiful brick red shade. I discovered Lord & Berry, whilst I was doing my internship and totally fell in love with this brand. This warm tone shade reminds me of technicolor television and you can totally rock this muted look every day!
Rimmel Apocalips lip lacquer 'Big Bang' - not a huge fan of the formula, I still find myself gravitating towards this shockingly glossy, 'in your face' red. There's no other way I could describe this. It is extremely noticeable. That's the lipstick I always pick if I want to make a statement. Think: Marilyn Monroe type red.
Mac's 'Ruby Woo' - do I need to talk about this lipstick anymore? If you ever read any beauty blogs or watch beauty videos you are probably familiar with this name. If not, this is the type of red that would suit almost every complexion - it is true red with a cooler undertone. The formula? Mate lipstick that will stay put on forever. My favourite, hands down.
Essence 'Femme Fatale' - I've already talked about this lipstick in my previous Ruby Woo Dupe blog post. It might be a tad bit warmer in colour. But you can't go wrong with £1, especially if you're just getting in to this beautiful world of makeup.

There you go, all of my favourite red lipsticks at the moment. I am pretty sure that in few years time I'll be able to write a part two, since I am testing new red lipsticks all the time, even though I have gazillions of them. Go and explore this iconic makeup look, whether you want to be Audrey or Marilyn and let me know all of your favourite shades!

Best eyeliners

Hello beautiful people! Hi to all of the new followers and readers! So nice to see that this beautiful family is growing with every day! Today I am going to talk about two eyeliners that are just the best for that perfect cat-eye!
Lord & Berry Forever Black Liquid Eyeliner - I got introduced to this brand when I first started doing my internship, they focus their products mainly on eyes and lips, no wonder this eyeliner is so good! It has a felt tip, which gives more control but it is a bit more difficult to use. However, you can get a precise line! It dries to a glossy finish which I don't mind at all! I doesn't move anywhere once it dries! This summer is so freaking hot but this eyeliner wouldn't budge!
L'oreal Infallible Eyeliner - You have probably heard about this one! It is really easy to use, so it will be quite helpful if you are new to the eyeliner world. It is really pigmented and it dries to a matte finish. It is not as long lasting, which upsets me but other than that - I love it!
What are your favourite eyeliners?

Tropical vibes

Trousers and shirt - H&M; Sandals - Clarks.

Hello beautiful people, how is everyone? With the extremely hot weather finally coming to the UK I happily got a few summery wardrobe additions. One of them is this beautiful cropped shirt (that is actually under the sweater section on the website). I just love the wrap back and it is such a good quality - worth every penny! It is just one of those staple peaces, that look so good on the body and goes with everything. The next clothing item are these tropical print culottes. Funny story - I wanted to order them online, but they weren't out yet, so I went to the shop and the ones they had were too small, I got back to the shop the next day and they had the last pair left and it was my size! I am so lucky considering they are beautiful and really summery. They do cover the legs (which I prefer) but I still don't feel like I am wearing too much. So I paired the two together because of the different textures and materials, but it still works because of the length differences.
Other than that, has anyone seen BBHMM? Amazing video, with so many references from my favourite movies (Thelma & Louise, The Doom Generation, Carrie) and really cool women. I think Rihanna is just such a cool, inspiring, free lady and she's so talented! And the fact that she found one of the girls for her video just on Instagram is pretty rad. And let me tell you, this girl is hella cool! I am already following her! You can read i-D's article about that here.
Now I'm just counting days until I go back home for holidays and waiting for my offer to be accepted for the new house next year. Goddamn these adult things!
How are you guys? Are you enjoying the summery weather? What do you think about the video?

Oh, and here's a good song ya'll:

How to prepare for a job interview

Hello beautiful people, how are you? Recently I had to go trough the process of getting a work placement / internship and an actual job. It was something completely new for me and I was learning as I was going trough the actually process. It is something, that you can't avoid as a young student/graduate.Some of them were really successful, other ones - not so much, however I can gladly say I got all of the positions that I've been interviewed for! So I decided to collaborate with the new job site, called City Calling, where you can find all of the Jobs Online and it will match the jobs not only depending on your skills, but also your personality. And here are all of the tips and tricks from your makeup to your outfit, that will hopefully help you get your dream job!

Perricone MD moisturiser / Aussie Fresh Mate body wash / Avene eye cream / MK freshen

O&M style guru / Josie Maran argan oil

Preparation is a really important part of getting ready for an interview. The night before, make sure you get enough of sleep, so that you are well rested and can express your ideas clearly. Most importantly - you are in a good and positive mood. I like to take a shower in the morning before the interview, but feel free to do whatever feels right for you (you can have a bath or a shower the night before). I like to have a nice refreshing shower, so that I would feel more awake. I tend to use  a shower gel with an invigorating scent. This is the time where you should use all of your favourite products! Trust me, I've tried a new shampoo once and my hair was a total mess!
Talking about my hair, I always go for a simple and clean look. For that frizz-free hair, use a dash of argan oil and a little bit of styling cream, to keep everything in place.

Clean base, slight contour, clean eyebrows, little bit of mascara and stronger lip

Rimmel Match Perfection / Rimmel Clear Complexion / Lord&Berry brow pencil / Maybelline Brow Drama / Tarte blush / Lord & Berry lipstick / MK Mascara / Lord & Berry Eyeliner / Seventeen Define & Conquer

This is a part, that you would just have to do what feels the best for you and however you feel comfortable. If you don't like wearing makeup - then don't do it! At the end of the day you should be hired for your personal qualities, not for how you look. It also depends on the company you are being interviewed for, not gonna lie. I've once worn a red lipstick for an interview and it worked really well - the company was looking for creative and different people and director told me that the red lipstick grabbed her attention. Other than that, I would go for something light and simple. Use long lasting makeup so that you don't have to worry about it. I would use my favourite foundation, set it with powder (it will last longer), contour slightly, make your eyebrows look presentable and use a little bit of mascara. I personally always tend to go for a brighter lip, but it is a personal preference, so do whatever feels right for you!


Trousers - H&M / Trench - Stradivarius / Button up - Gerry Weber / Shoes - Adidas

This one is really important, because even if you want people to judge you depending on your personality, the first impression is very important. I am not saying that you have to wear something fancy or extremely beautiful. It can be very simple but just make sure that the clothes are ironed and clean, because you are representing yourself. Talking about the style this can actually help you. If you do your research right you might understand that for some jobs you can wear something extremely creative and the employer will appreciate this, since he knows that you have done your research and you understand the company you want to work for. For instance, I went to an industry talk with Urban Outfitters and they said that the person wearing dungarees would fit into the company much better that someone wearing a suit. For me, I tend to keep my personal style, which is what I'd like to call smart-relaxed, I tend to go for straight cut, loose pants that are still very smart because of the material it is made from. White shirt will always be the best thing for any outfit, because it looks so crisp and professional. The outfit that I created would be suitable for a graphic designers position. I would wear something like this, hence why I am wearing my Stan Smith's and a trench coat. I also added marble print bag, for a creative twist. If it was a job role for a PR internship, I would just wear different / smarter shoes and brighter lip. It is all about the small details!


At the end of the day - it's all about you. Try not to panic, nothing bad is going to happen. Just think about, what is the worst that could happen? By staying calm you will be able to show the best version of yourself and express your ideas clearly. And remember to always smile, the employers always look for positive people. Even if you don't know the answer a big smile is always going to be better than nothing. I personally have been in situations where I was not the most qualified candidate but I smiled and the employer said that he could see that spark in my eyes. Try and control your body language and use it for your own benefit, try and convince them that you are the best candidate and you want this position!
There are plenty of tips that I would like to share! I might do more posts on this topic, feel free to ask all of the necessary questions! Do you have any tips?