Hey hey, long time no see. My summer is finally here! So much happened since I last saw you. My first university year is finished now! Crazy, huh? I feel so good and calm inside.I feel more mature and the harmony is the new word written to my personal vocabulary. Now, more than ever, I feel confident about my decisions and dreams. And you know how it feels. It feels really really good. Exceptionally satisfying, actually.
Same with 'ART LASTS FOREVER' - I feel where it has to move and to grow and which path I will choose. I finally have some fresh ideas and started to specify the aesthetics of this blog. I feel like I understand my taste better as well as my own visual style.

Nike flex experience
Lindex skinny high jeans
Charity shop silk shirt, silk jacket
H&M handbag
Mac's 'Ruby Woo'
Barry M Jelly Nail Paint 'Rose Hip'

Rimmel wake me up foundation and concealer review

I don't really understand the massive hype for this foundation. Yes, it is really good. But it was definitively not my favorite drugstore foundation that I've ever used. Maybe it is because I prefer different formula? Although, I like dewy finish. My point is, it looks beautiful from afar but when you look closer you can actually see tiny shimmer particles and I am not too keen on that. Every time I have to put this foundation on I feel like it's going to clog my pores just because of these particles. I must say, that this hasn't happened to me yet!
One thing I would say, this foundation is not for people who have oily skin. Even for my (I have dry, dehydrated, combination skin) skin it gets shinny throughout the day.
What I really like about it is the formula, it blends in seamlessly and gives that silky, moisturized feeling. I do love the smell, but for those of you, who don't like scented products this may not suite your needs.
Talking about color range, I had the lightest shade and I found it a tiny bit too dark, which is upsetting and it also has a bit of an yellow-ish look.

Different situation with the concealer. I really liked it! And I might repurchase it! It does not have the shimmery particles in it. Warning! If you need high coverage concealer this is definitively not the one. It has a really light coverage. I like it more because of nice, creamy, blendable consistency. I like to use it under the eyes and around the nose, just to brighten those ares (I don't have massive under eye circles). One thing I wish they made is a lighter color. The brightest shade matches my skin tone, but I wish there was a lighter one for that bright-eye look.

My lfw experience ○ Part 2

I had to run around London from early morning to bring some more invitations. It was so stressful! But at the same time I got to know the city and see more beautiful hotels! I cannot remember anything else from that day. Everything seems so blurry from that day. Because I was working really hard and honestly, I was extremely tired (but happy).

One of my favourite areas in London/Outfit for day 4 (and yes, I'm wearing Mich Dulce hat!/Mich Dulce creations!

The weather was awful that day but I could definitively say that I felt more confident by day 5. Talking with buyers and press seemed easer and I started to enjoy myself more. I also got to walk around somerset house and see beautiful people there. By the end of the day we got the opportunity to go to Sorapol fashion show. I was soo happy! The whole experience was amazing. I got to sit in the third row where I could see everything perfectly!

Rainy London/Me at Sorapol show/The show

I cannot remember the actual days when everything happened. All I can remember is meeting more amazing people. On day 6 I went to another party which happened in a really small place so you were actually forced to talk with new people. Some of the people I talked with in the showrooms remembered me (oh look, I'm so popular! (sarcasm)).

The beautiful Somerset House (and oh! Who's there? My flatmate in the second floor)/Outfit for the last day/Awesome view from the terrace

I cannot remember the exact days when everything happened. All I can remember is going out from Somerset house at night time, in the car. And oh, London is so beautiful at night. And remember sitting there, feeling nostalgic and sad because this whole fashion fiesta was coming to an end. And I really miss meeting new,interesting, stylish, crazy people, learning, experiencing new things and in general - being surrounded by people who share the same passion. At the same time I was so happy, it was the week where I've learned so much and grew as a person. I am so happy and blessed to experience these things in my life. I finally feel that I am doing right things in my life and I finally enjoy myself. Hopefully I will have more of these opportunities in the future. I am determined to work hard and succeed!
Huge thanks to Mich Dulce for trusting me, teaching me and for picking me to be her intern because of her I've got to take a taste of my dream - LONDON FASHION WEEK!

Oh London, I love you

My lfw experience//I'm always late ○ Part 1

Yes, yes, yes. I know I'm soo late with this post. But a lot of things happened since London Fashion Week so haven't had time to sit down and talk about the experience.
How I got this opportunity? I'm not lying I've send my CV to every single designer at lfw possible. And you know what? I got the place!
It was my first internship ever and I'm happy to say that it was amazing first time experience just because I had to work with absolutely brilliant Mich Dulce. Because as you may know not all of the people in fashion industry are nice and ready to help you at all times but Mich is opposite of that!
DAY 1 & 2
I started my day by waking up REALLY early just because I wanted to be sure that I am in the right place at the right time. The weather was AWFUL so all of my effort to look nice and presentable got ruined (awesome).
The first day we prepared everything for lfw, I also made some invitations and of course got to talk with the designer. She is extremely talented and nice. I was so happy to work with her!
I've spent my whole second day making MORE invitations (yay, internships).

Morning coffee at Trafalgar Square/Invitations/Preparations

In the morning I had to bring some invitations to Mayfair hotel. Haha, I know I was not special at that point. But I felt so cool (kinda like girl from movies) going to this fancy hotel and leaving the invitations in there. After that it was time to go to Somerset House. I am not lying when we arrived (yes, we went there with the coolest taxi ever. And yes, we arrived trough the main entrance) my heart just stopped. At the moment I felt like the happiest girl in the world. London Fashion Week always seemed so far away, kind of like a dream or illusion and now I was there. I wanted to cry! But of course I acted cool and calm ('you are young professionals' - the most common phrase which you can hear in uni).
After that I got my own pass, with my own name on it! Of course it was spelled wrong, I don't know why but people always get my name wrong, but that was no big deal I was extremely happy even with that one.
We prepared everything, set the whole space and started working. I got to see the whole marketing side of fashion. And you know what? It is scary as hell and amazing at the same time. Especially when you ask for a business card and you see names such as Elle, Vogue, Glamour on them!
The same day, in the evening I went to lfw afterparty. It is funny how boring some of them can be. We stayed there for a little bit and I went back home with a biggest smile on my face. Seriously, I was walking back home trough the streets of London, looking like absolute dork but I didn't care. I was too happy to think about that.

Morning coffee/Hy, my name is Vikte/Cool and slightly scary piece at the party/Funky installations

Here it is, part one of my experience. Hope you enjoyed it! Wait for part two! x