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Vil goes to Antwerp // Photodiary

Cathedral of Our Lady

City Hall with Silvius Brabo statue ahead

Hey, that' me!

The City
Hello my birds, as you may or may not know I love to travel. So far I have seen quite a few European countries but I've never been to Belgium. I had an opportunity to visit Antwerp. And let me tell you, I fell in love with this beautiful city. It is so astonishing, with its mixed Renaissance/Baroque/Gothic architecture, beautiful people and culture all around. For the one part of the day we walked around the city and got the feel of it. I think that The Cathedral was absolutely beautiful as well as general streets in Antwerp.

Mode Museum
 For the other part of the day we visited MoMu - Fashion Museum, I was pretty disappointed with it as I am used to free museums in London, which are a lot bigger. But hey, it is better than nothing. The building itself was spacious and visually attractive. I was a bit disappointed because the exposition itself was very tiny and everything was sectioned into garments rather than designers, which is such a pity, because I wanted to know the name of the designers. I also had an opportunity to speak with a few students here, which is always lovely. Oh, and I was surprised by the amount of conceptual fashion stores they had! Here are a few pieces, that caught my eye.
Absolutely loved the laid back - chic look and high waisted silk trousers.

I might be very wrong but this looks like an old Lanvin piece,
anyways I love the drapping for this one.

This is so simple, yet effective, you can easily do this at home, I got some
inspiration for a diy project!

I wish these killer shoes were mine.

Beautiful, young, fashionable and fresh! I would love to visit this city again and explore more of it, things like independent coffee venues, bars, more galleries, conceptual fashion store and vintage boutiques. Antwerp is one of the cities in my list, that I need to revisit and explore it further, at the end of the day I don't think that five hours are enough to get the full experience. Have you ever been to Antwerp, what are your thoughts? Would you go there again? Which places would you recommend?

OOTD No. 1

I don't know if you know this, but I started making youtube videos again, they are much shorter than the previous ones and it allows me to create videos and improve my skills, which I love to do. I really enjoy learning how to use different programmes and create visually appealing content to you.



All the essentials

Happy friday folks! I've been so stressed out recently. After a good talk with a person that is very important to me, I feel like I can continue doing my thing and not hate all of the work that I produce anymore. We just all have these emotional breakdowns, don't we? Especially if you work too much and overthink everything. I feel like I still need to learn a lot of things when it comes to self evaluation and work ethic.
Enough about university life, let's talk about some beauty bits. These essentials, are not actually that important on a daily basis but they just make me feel more confident and happy about myself.
Black lace bralette - it was cheap but it looks really luxurious and it feels amazing, considering that I've been wearing padded bras since the time that I've started wearing them. And let me tell you, this bra is very liberating, even though no one actually sees any difference.
Mac's Ruby Woo - holy grail product since the summertime. I think the color works really well with my skin tone and I just love how matte and long lasting it is. Also it holds a very special place in my heart, because it was real, high end lipstick that I've bought from my own money.
Hoop earrings - I lot of my friends do make some picky comments about these babies. They do look a little bit oldschool. But you know what? I love wearing them just because it feels like something that my Mom used to wear at the age of 19.
Primark stippling brush - such a bargain! It just applies every foundation perfectly!
What's your weekend plan?

Autumn hues

Hello, hello, hello! How are you? I'm back with more positive mind this time. It is so stressful to have two projects running at the same time, not to mention another two subjects on top of that in university, but it is manageable as long as you have planned your time and try to relax and just enjoy the creative freedom.
Here's another look for you, it was just a quick and comfy outfit for a usual day at uni. Because I had no time, I've just put some of my fav pieces together and here it is!
I am wearing my ultimate badass leather jacket (I'm just joking, obvs), boyfriend jeans, small bag and lithuanian designers piece - labadiena sweater, which my lovely boyfriend gave to me and it was my most worn piece since then!
Pictures taken by my lovely friend Ruta Petrauskaite! x