The Green Edit

Hello beautiful birds! I've been so busy with my internship, that I had no time to write here. Sorry for that folks!
I've been going trough my skincare stash recently and realised that most of the products that I own are green coloured and that's how this post came about.

Yes to Cucumbers / Sensitive Skin Cleanser (£6.99 at Boots)*
I love how gentle this product is on my skin. It's you box standard gel cleanser, but it does it's job! Containing ingredients such as cucumber and green tea, it is just perfect for all of the sensitive skin gal's out there! Ooh, and I must say that the scent is quite unusual but you can get used to it. (P.s. it's %96 natural);

Dove Go-fresh cucumber roll on deodorant (£1.18 at Superdrug)  
Another cucumber scented product. What is this weird obsession? I don't even know! Love the smell of this and it does it's job. It's been my favourite for a very long time now. 

Kiehl's creamy eye treatment with avocado (£20 at Kiehl's official website) 
 My biggest disappointment ever! This product has been hyped up so much in the beauty community that I BELIEVED that it was going to be magical. You know what? It wasn't. I have extremely dry under eye area and I've spent £20 from my small student budget, just to realise that this product is not for me. And trust me, I have tried it so many times. And I did the whole 'rubbing the product between my fingers to warm it up' thing and it's still not working. It might be the case, where I am a bit to young for this product, maybe? I'll pass this one to my Mum, just to know what she thinks about it, maybe she'll actually like it?

Mary Kay Botanical Effects Freshen (£13 at MK official website)*  
Basically, I absolutely love refreshing sprays for your face and this one is no exception. It doesn't have any weird smell (it is alcohol and fragrance free) and it feels very soothing. I use it as a toner just before I apply daily moisturiser and throughout the day if I feel like I need that extra hydration. You are meant to apply it with a cotton pad, but it works just fine when you spray it directly onto your face and it is a win win situation since you waste less product.

& Other Stories Arabesque Wood Body Wash (£5 at & Other Stories)
This one has to be my favourite - I generally love everything that this brand produces and their body washes are no exception. I love the minimalist design of the bottle and oh, if you bring back an empty one, you get %10 off your next body wash! The scent is described as: 'Deep earthy oud with a twist of citrus'. I would say that this one is not for everyone. I love it, since I am more into masculine, woodsy scents, this one has a hint of citrus so it is  does a great job at revitalising me every morning. I would definitely recommend trying out the other ones that they have on the market, they all smell so good!

Do you have any green coloured products that you would like to share with everyone? Let me know!

DISCLAIMER: All products marked * were gifted, all of the opinions are my personal.

Sunday Reads / i-D - The Activist Issue

My first encounter with i-D magazine was quite late. In the first year of uni, one of the lecturers mentioned the book about how this magazine became popular and how it all started. It seems quite late, huh? But since I grew up in Lithuania , we never had the access to cool and quirky international magazines (there was probably a way to get them online, but I was never too bothered), so this was a new thing for me, and oh my! Why have I never heard about it before? Starting with it's amazing history (It was started in the 80's as a fanzine and it covered all of the topics related to youth culture) and how it evolved into this amazing, inspiring magazine. I always try and get it, when I can, even if it means that I have to spend my last student pounds, but it is always worth it. Like this time, I just couldn't get my hands of it. It is all about the activists (I've always been one in my heart) and our generation! Oh, let's not forget the extra cool Natalie Westling, the fashion game changer and badass redhead! I felt absolutely inspired, even reading the first two articles! I just can't stop! But, I decided to keep it for the flight next week, and trust me - it ain't easy!
What are you reading this Sunday?

Disposables / #1

Me, pretending to be cool fash person at lfw 

Ruta being an extremely classy lady

Behind the scenes (filming a video)


Chinese NYE

These lads were more interesting that all of the peacocks at the fashion week

My tiny palace

 About a month ago, I got two disposable cameras at boots. So I captured all of the precious moments until I completely forgot what was even in the camera. I finally got them done. How amazing it is, to remember small everyday things that you may have already forgotten?


Epiphany - [ih - pif - uh - nee] - a literary work or section of a work presenting, usually symbolically, such a moment of relegation and insight.

Is this word too sensational for a blog post? Even if it is, it just perfectly describes the way I feel right now. One day when I was going home after my internship, I had a sudden realisation that everything I was working for so hard, has finally started to pay of. I think I am in a very comfortable position in my life right now, I feel more confident, I know what I want, I don't stress out about my future too much and most importantly, I learnt how to look into change positively. I think it is because of the amount of a uncomfortable situations that I had to deal with recently, and just get out of my comfort zone, taught me how to be more confident and comfortable in my own skin. It is definitely a learning process and sometimes I still have days where I don't believe in myself at all but I try to realise that it is just a bad day and not make it into a bad week or bad life, because it would be a massive step back. This feeling gave me creative freedom and I finally got rid of my creative block, that I had for so long, I couldn't look at any of my recent work anymore. Get excited for new projects coming on your way!
Have a nice week!